Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Swim Time!

Avery loves the water! When she was just two months old we had her in my parents pool when in visited Phoenix. When we were there in May we went swimming or splashed at the park almost everyday! I've taken her to the Roosevelt pool a couple times a week, but some days I don't feel like going...cause I have to get in a swimsuit too, so I bought her a little blow up pool to have in the yard! The thing she liked most about it was the water coming out of the hose. She splashed a little but wouldn't put the hose down, she just sat there and was fascinated by the water.

What else is new??? NOTHING! Some days it is just so boring here I can't think of anything to do to make time go by fast....OH! Adriane, my brother Jeff's wife is due to have a baby girl ANY day now! I wish I could be there to see their brand new baby the day she is born, but we will go out to AZ when she is blessed. Good luck new parents!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Avery loves books! Whenever we play she always goes for a book instead of a toy. My dad said to always read to her everyday, even as a newborn, and thats what we have done on most days. Now she has learned to carry a book over to me and hand it to me to read to her. Its so cute! Here is a video for my dad and mom to show them!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

She's Walking!

Dancing with Aunt Christi

Here I gooooo!

Little Ave has started to take a few steps all by herself! She can walk really well holding onto our hands. She walks about 4-5 steps across furniture or to mom or dad. Also getting more daring too- sometimes she will just turn around from whatever she is holding onto and start walking to nothing, so we have to run over to catch her! So funny! I'm so excited for her to start walking, then she can follow me places around the house.....shes getting so heavy for me to carry all over the place! :)