Thursday, July 14, 2011

Uncle Richie

My parents came 2 weeks ago for a visit and to meet their new granddaughter, but before they got here my brother Richie and his fiance Katie came to see us.... and let me say Avery LOVES her Uncle Richie! She went and sat on his lap and gave him high fives and hugs right away and wasn't even timid. He took her out front to play in the water and was running around with her in the sprinkler. It was soooo cute and fun to see them play! I only got a couple pictures because Avery has this weird thing right now with cameras and if she see s one she HAS to have it and will scream bloody murder and cry forever so we try to aviod that fight. So I didn't get any pictures of my parents with her on my camera, I'll have to get them from dad later....but for now here are these.

More of Eva

Little Eva is doing so great! We think she is soooo cute and we love her so much especially Avery! She is always looking for "baby" as she calls her and she has to be with us at all times! Its so cute and I couldn't be happier that she loves having the new baby at home, since it was my biggest fear of having another baby! She has gained a full 2 pounds in her first 3 weeks of life- well almost a month now, but she is so healthy and eating great. She is very calm and is happy!