Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother's Day Feelings

Avery colored this poem for me in nursery on Sunday for Mothers Day. I read the poem and teared up so bad, I had to hold back letting out real tears!! I feel like this poem put everything in perspective for me as her mother. I have stressed out since the day she was born trying to do everything perfect and the best. Lately I have mellowed out a lot and haven't let things bother me as much and to know that she is just a little toddler and she is so curious about her world. She does things to learn and see what they do, not to make me mad. I have felt for almost 2 years now that I haven't enjoyed motherhood to the fullest because everything has been so hard and I've been so tired,and it wasn't how I "thought" it would be, or should be. I love Avery so much and the more patient and gentle I am with her the more I discover about the meaning of motherhood and what it means to be HER mom! She loves me no matter what, even if its not perfect to me, its perfect to her. I finally feel content with life and the whole change of life motherhood brings- at age 29. I really do love it and I can't wait for how good the future will be with my children!!!