Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Morning

her favorite......a toothbrush! good girl!

elmo slippers!

Christmas morning was perfect! Brandon and I got up before Avery so we could open ours without her clawing all over them- I gave Brandon a new Boston Red Sox winter jacket that he absolutly loved! A knife, a couple movies, and a few other things. My big thing was earrings and a braclet from Tiffany! I've never had any jewelry from there so I was really surprised! A ragnar relay sweatshirt that is totally hot looking on me! hahhaha, and a few other things. Then we got Avery out of her crib and let her walk out by herself. She saw all the presents and a few that had been set up and starting oooooooo-ing. She went right to the ball-pit and said ball and started playing. It was so funny because we would hand her a new toy to open or play with and she would hit it away and wanted to keep playing in the balls! We finally were able to get her out and have her open some more from Santa, and all the gifts my side of the family had sent to us. She really liked them all and showed interest in them. Then we went over to Brandon's parents house for breakfast and to do their gifts. It was nice to all be together over there and we had a great time! We scored an ipad! whoohoooo, some work out clothes, gift cards. Ave got a princess tent and tunnel she can play in and elmo slippers that she would wear all over, some clothes, a pillowpet, and some books. It was a really fun Christmas and I can't wait til next year when Avery is even MORE fun to surprise!! This year was so fun to anticipate what her reaction would be and what she would like, it was neat to shop for her. What a difference this year was compared to last year when she was only 5 months! It will just keep getting better! Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Season

She couldn't stop staring at him and making ooooooo noises! He is laughing so hard at her!

waiting in line- very anxious to see Santa

Here are just a few picures of our Christmas season so far. We decorated the first of December with Avery loving the lights and the tree and especially all the ornaments for it. To her, every ornament was a 'ball.' We took her to meet Santa and she loved that! She did last year too, but she didn't really care being only 5 months old. She kept pointing to him in line and going ooooooooooooo! Over and over again. I am so grateful to have my family, I love this holiday season and I couldn't be more thankful for our health and that we are all together. I love my family more than ever!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Big News

We are expecting our second baby the end of June! This will put new baby and Avery 23 months apart. We are hoping they will be best pals since they will be close in age. So far the pregnancy has been good other than all day/everyday nausea, but the medicine they make for it is a life saver! Especially with a little one to chase after, I can't just lay around with this one like I did with Ave when I wasn't feeling good. We hope to find out what the gender is soon and will keep you posted.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Thanksgiving in Arizona

Avery and cousin Shelby

just going for a ride before lumch

my uncle jim, aunt linda, and cousins jenn and laurie

my family with grammy

We spent 12 days in Phoenix for our Thanksgiving holiday. It was really nice to have a lot of time to spend there and not have to rush around and do things. For the most part we just relaxed and spent a lot of time at home with my family. One day we went to the SeaLife Aquarium, that was pretty fun! Ave enjoyed looking at a few fish and then wandering around looking for things she could get in trouble with. We spent Thanksgiving day at Grammys house in Scottsdale. She makes a wonderful thanksgiving meal that she prepares all herself and she is 88 years old! GO GRAMMY! And she and Avery have the same birthday- July 24, and she was telling Ave all about the Leo stuff! hahahhaha. Avery was more curious this time about Shelby, my brothers daughter who is 4 months old. She would give her gentle kisses and touch her eyes. It was so cute. We look forward to going back- hopefully in the spring or late winter!