Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Late Easter

Avery says " uhhhh I'm not sure about this Easter thing...."

you can tell how good the plastic egg is to her!

happy bunny

Here are a few Easter pictures of us. My parents were visiting us and they gave Avy an Easter basket, she was so curious about it and so fun to watch! We had a great time with them, it wasn't too hard to see them go, because we are coming to Phoenix in 3 weeks!! We are staying about 2 1/2 weeks! I can't wait! Palm trees, clear forever skies, the smell of flowers and citrus in the air, my swimming pool, places to go and eat! I could go on forever! Other big news is...we got our basement finally finished!!! Brandon has worked so hard on it since August. We have a huge tv/family room, huge play room and exercise area, large bedroom, and lots of closet space for storage. We have the bathroom plummed but we will finish that in month or two so we can save up some more money! I'll post before and after pics soon!