Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pool Fun???

When my family was in town for Eva's blessing my brother and his family went with Avery and I to the rec center pool to swim. As any normal family, we wanted to take a few pictures.....well Avery has this camera obsession that is so annoying and so stupid! Here are the best ones we got at the pool. Then we have some of her with Grandma and Grandpa Gray with the other grandkids..... I really want to get family pictures done of us with our two daughters now, but not until she gets over this thing with cameras!

Eva's 2 month picture

We are doing the same thing we did with Avery, by taking a picture of her each month to see her growth over her first year. It was so fun with Avery to see how she changed in each month, so we wanted to do the same with Eva.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Eva's Baby Blessing

We blessed Eva on July 31st, it was so nice, and all our family was here for her day except my brother Richie couldn't make it. After church we had a waffle bar at our house full of sugary toppings for our awesome waffles! Super yummy and it was fun to have ALL the cousins from both Brandon's side and my side together! My brother Jeff and his family came too and it was so fun to spend time with them. Shelby who is 1, had fun swimming with Avery at the rec center on Saturday and kissing baby Eva. I loved having my family here! My mom is staying with me for the next couple weeks to help out and be with me, Brandon will be in and out of town for the next few weekends so that will be great to have her here as I am still adjusting to having two kids.

Avery turns 2!

Avery turned two on July 24! Yay she is officially a toddler! She can say most words...her favorites being thunder cloud, firefighter truck, elmo, doctor, and many more!! She is so smart and she is just getting to be so much fun despite her terrible two tantrums! hahaha For her b-day we had all our family over for a bbq and even my parents were here too! Avery got a lot of books, a doll, a pop up toy, a radioflyer tricycle, wooden puzzle train and some other toys! Brandon and I got her a play kitchen and she loves it! She likes to pour us drinks from the coffee pot it came with and make us pie and pizza! Its so fun to see her have an imagination and play.