Saturday, August 29, 2009

Brandon and I are having so much fun getting to know Avy and taking care of her and watching her grow! We are super tired though, but managing to get by. We actually haven't been doing much, just taking care of her. We had our first outing with her a couple weeks ago. One of Brandon's friends got married, so we went out to Salt Lake to go to the wedding. The next day we stopped in Park City to shop and have lunch on our way home. It went great, I was kind of stressing out about it because its hard to know how many diapers to bring, when and where to stop to feed her, etc. But it all worked out great and Avy had fun!! Brandon and I had fun too getting out of Roosevelt for a couple days and showing off our baby! Avy picked out a bunch of fall outfits for herself and they are sooo cute! :) My mom, dad, and brothers are coming to visit to meet little Avy next week and we are blessing her on Sunday. I can't wait for my dad and brothers to meet her.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Avy's first bath!!

Here I am taking my first bath. I know you are all confused about the fact that I can type, but don't worry about it. I love to take baths all the time now. Mom is always so sweet and delicate, but dad is a little rough. I love them both though, and I'm not afraid of drowning.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Well we are getting used to our lives with our child. It is so different, but in a good way! We are amazed at how much Avy has changed since she was born. She does so many cute facial expressions and is starting to smile a little bit. Avy met her grandma this week, my mom flew out from Az to see us. It was a good visit and she will be back with my dad and brothers when we bless her on September 6. I've been getting little sleep-they're right when they say to nap when the baby naps! Its the only time, because we never know what the nighttime will bring! She is growing healthy and strong and we love her so much!