Saturday, October 29, 2011

Just of Eva

Here is Eva's four month picture and her dressed up as a cheetah or something. Since Avery won't let me take pictures of her, I only have a couple of Eva for now. Hopefully on Halloween I can get some of the two of them in their matching skeleton costumes...

Monday, October 3, 2011

Some Stuff

Well I just have to say that I love being a mother of 2 awesome little girls!! I really really love having 2 kids and I think its so much more fun than 1! I miss just the one on one time with Avery and how easy it was to just take one kid somewhere and go, but having Eva with us is so much more fun and rewarding! Avery loves to play with her and include her in everything we do. Its fun to keep more busy with another child and having Avery help me with things. We went on the boat with our friends/neighbors and had a blast! We swam in the lake, and Avery loved jumping from the swim deck into the water to us! I tried to surf but couldn't get up, and Avery was crying hysterically because she thought I was getting hurt or something. We have just been trying to enjoy the last days of warmth while they last and playing outside as much as we can. On sunday I tried to get a cute picture of me and my daughters cause they were dressed up so cute but ONCE AGAIN Avery ruins the picture by crying for the camera! When will this end?!?! Seriously. And Eva is 3 1/2 months old and so so so cute and sweet!!